Kiraly Payne is a multi-talented rapper, singer, producer, and engineer based out of Chicago. His journey ignited at the early age of 7 when he penned his first verses, and from that moment, the stage was set. Picture a young Kiraly in 7th grade, armed with nothing but a Rockband microphone and FL Studio, crafting beats that would later turn heads all over the industry.

The first performance he ever did was at the Dwayne Wade Talent show when he was 15 years old, where he got to perform in front of D Wade himself and Gabrielle Union. He ended up placing in the top 10 out of 5000 contestants - which was a huge win for Kiraly early on, further fueling him to continue pursuing music from that day forward.

Since then, Kiraly has been on a relentless ascent, gracing stages in the Chicagoland area with his magnetic presence and earning a coveted spot on Lyrical Lemonade. But his influence doesn't stop there; delve into his captivating TikTok and discover a realm where spirituality meets raw passion, a world born from the depths of the 2020 pandemic. His most recent album “417” was released May 7th, 2024, and is out now on all streaming platforms.